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Are you sick and tired of going round in circles with the same old issues?

  • persistent self-critical or negative thoughts.
  • chronic perfectionism.
  • deep feelings of shame or that you are flawed in some way.
  • fears of abandonment, mistrust and anxiety in relationships.
  • compulsively trying to help and fix other people's problems.
  • people pleasing and not being able to say no.
  • procrastination and self sabotage when you are trying to follow through on a goal.
  • worrying excessively about what other people think.
  • experiencing persistent feelings of stress, anxiety, self doubt or shame.
  • recurring bouts of depression that are resistant to medication.

If any of the above resonate with you, know this...

you are not damaged

you are not broken

you are certainly not alone


you absolutely can change

Many of us are struggling in life because our PAST EXPERIENCES have shaped our brain in ways that make it difficult to thrive.

Science has shown that difficult circumstances in our childhoods can create problematic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that become deeply wired in our brains.

These habit loops or 'schemas' as we call them, trip us up time and time again, getting in the way of our dreams and goals for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

They have become so deeply ingrained in the automatic part of the brain that they are very resistant to change.

You might have tried all sorts of things - read a lot of self-help books, had therapy, practised meditation, been on retreats, gone to seminars, or tried medication.

And while you might feel better or do things differently for a while - the change doesn't stick.

Because here's the thing..

knowledge alone doesn't help us change.

If it did - you wouldn't be stuck.

The only thing that will help you to move forward with your life is to

actively change these patterns in your brain.

And this is EXACTLY what "Retrain Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life" will help you to do.

This 12 module online self-directed programme will guide you through a practical, systematic evidence-based process that will help you to identify and eliminate the specific schemas that are stopping you from living the life you want. You will also learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions - ESSENTIAL skills for achieving success in any area of your life.

The course is based around cutting edge information, techniques and strategies from the fields of Schema Therapy, Trauma, Attachment, Neuroscience and Mindfulness.

The programme consists of 3 Phases

It is recommended that you spend at least 2 weeks on one module to ensure neuroplastic changes are taking place


In this phase, you will be working on building up the Pre-frontal Cortex with exercises that promote self awareness and 'mentalising' - the minds ability to watch itself. Very often, with an underdeveloped / compromised PFC, we don't have the biological capacity to change patterns so it is essential we work on developing the brains CAPACITY to change. We will also be strenthening the communication pathways between the PFC and the amygdala so that we can deverlop better emotional regulation.

Phase one also focuses on identifiying the discreet thoughts, feelings and behaviours that interact to form the schemas that you have.


In Phase Two, we start focusing on addressing the unhelpful thoughts and behavioural components of the schema. We also start incorporating 'positive neuroplasticity' exercises. This is NOT positive thinking - it is about learning to generate more 'positive' emotional experiences and becoming more present in our lives.

We also start to look at our childhoods to gain understanding of how our schemas develop, which in turn helps us to develop more self-compassion.

This phase also looks at certain difficult emotions such as anxiety, shame and anger and provides strategies to help reduce them.

Module 7 of this phase starts to address our emotional needs as adults and in Module 8 we provide guidance on how to actually process emotions.


In this phase, we take a deep dive into attachment styles. Schemas are born out of the different attachment styles we develop and these styles have a profound impact on our relationships throughout life. We also look at what connection actually is and the role of the amygdala in our difficulties within relationships. Following this, we look at what healthy relationships look like and the skills we need to improve the relationships we have.

This phase also provides an overview of the profound impact that certain lifestyle factors have on the functioning of the brain and therefore it's capacity to change via neuroplasticity.

Basically, you will 'become your own therapist' - learning essential psychological, emotional and relationship skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

How does the programme work?

The programme is totally online so you can work through the process in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. It can be done one module a week for 12 weeks or you can take longer if you need to. 

Ideally, 1 module should take around 2 weeks.

For each module you will get

  • Video lectures explaining the information needed for the module.
  • A downloadable worksheet with the specific module tasks.
  • Practical and written assignments.

There will also be bi-monthly live calls to answer questions and guide you through the process of changing your brain!

We all know deep down that change takes time - there are no quick fixes.

The course consists of 12 modules but experience shows you are likely to need an absolute MINIMUM of  6 months to see any significant change and it might take MUCH longer- especially if you have a trauma history.  You might want to spend longer on certain parts that are particularly relevant to you. You might also want to go through the process a few times, dealing with a different schema.

And, sometimes, life gets in the way. So even if you don't have the time to work through some of the modules, you can take a break and start again where you left off when you have more time.

How will this programme benefit me?

Your life will change in so many ways!

You will:

  •  feel EMPOWERED from not being a slave to your thoughts and feelings.
  • feel more ENERGISED and PRESENT in your life.
  • have less stress and experience more POSITIVE feelings like JOY, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION.
  • have more CLARITY and DIRECTION from connection to your authentic needs, feelings and desires.
  • feel more FULFILLED and CONNECTED in your relationships - with yourself and with others.
  • You WILL change your brain - and when we CHANGE our BRAIN, we CHANGE our LIVES.

You will finally be free from the chains of the past

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